Our most beloved interest is in the development of wonderful food. Food connects us to our cultural roots, the land, the animal kingdom and our community. We firmly believe that local and handmade is always the optimal choice. We encourage you to eat seasonally and celebrate the smallest and newest farmers in your region. Rejoice over the abundance and variety still possible! We hope that you will take part in this great work by sharing your creative ideas and perhaps one day soon, join us at the table.

Until then eat well and take it s l o w...

Joel & Carleen Weirauch



Joel & Carleen

Sustainable land stewardship DEEPENS OUR  UNDERSTANDING OF THE connection between the earth and its inhabitants.

Here is the vision:

•  Secure a healthful food supply

•  Preserve soil, water and wildlife

•  Support diversified, profitable family-sized farms

•  Organize communities for positive change

  1. Hold corporations and government accountable

  2. Create a new sustainable vision for our food and agriculture system

Currently our sustainable farming practice includes: rotational pasture management, green building, water re-use from the creamery for irrigation, and a small amount of solar. 

weirauch farm & creamery
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